A Wee Dead Ferret

There was this wee dead ferret lying in a field near the ruins of the Tavern. Fur was covered in shite. Vomit around its wee mouth. Poor wee hing.

This guy was walking his dog when it ran aff chasing a stick and came back wae that ferret in its gub.

“Here you, put that manky hing down, ya mad bastard ye. You’ll get M’Burn scabies,” the owner said.

The dog, being a daft dog, didnae understand and it ate the ferret. Shitey fur an awe.

Sadly that dog got M’burn scabies and died that very evening. However, before it died it got a glipse, in its dying moments, of Muirhead around the 1960s. The glory years. It glimpsed the glory years. Worth dying for, eh? Well worth it.

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