The Windy Cleaner

It was almost the end ae winter n this wuman was greetin in her hoose. Howling so she was.

“Here you, get a grip, eh?” said her windy cleaner. “Yir face is puttin me aff cleaning these windys.”

“Am so sorry. It’s jist that ma man-”

“Dae a look like a gee a fuck? Am jist here tae clean these windys n fuck aff tae the next hoose, no listen tae yir shite. And it’s no as if a cannae no look inside coz windys ir see through, int they?”

She wiped her snottery nose and nodded. Jist as the windy cleaner was about tae pack up n go, her husband came home. He took aff his belt and leathered his wife wae it. The wee belt was laughing its head aff, pure loving it.

“Gee her wan fir me,” the windy cleaner said. “Almost put me aff ma windys.”

The husband gee him a cheeky wink and carried on. The wuman ended up in a skip coz she was nae use after that leathering and never bothered that nice windy cleaner again.

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