A Mad Wee Squirrel

There was this mad wee squirrel and it had been hiding up a cheggy tree awe winter. What a sleep it had by the way.

It was feeling brand new, so it jumped oot ready tae take on the world…

And a big dug that had escaped fae the scrappy got a hod ae it and chewed the wee hing’s tail aff.

It managed tae escape and ran intae the nearest hoose. What a relief.

“A fuckin rat! Get that stabbed,” said a big wuman tae her boy whose hoose the wee squirrel had escaped intae.

The squirrel flung its wee hands up. “Wait! Am no a rat am a-”


Hing was deid in ten seconds flat n flung oot the windy fir that big dug tae chew away on.

And that’s why we should awe stay in oor beds n no go oot ever again. Dangerous fucking world so it is.

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