The Snowman

This auld guy was looking oot his windy. It was snowing like fuck. He minded the times as a wee boy he’d be oot wae his pals making the best snowmen Muirhead had ever seen.

“Right, fore awe this white shite melts, am gonna make the best snowman that Muirhead has ever seen!” he said.

So he wrapped himself up and headed oot tae the Moor Park, laughing his heed aff. Oh he was going tae show them awe how tae build a snowman. He’d be a hero once more.

Sadly, he slipped on some ice on the way oot the door and shattered both his hips. He managed tae crawl back inside. But he wisnae defeated.

“Next year,” he whispered. “I’ll dae it next year.”

The auld guy didnae make it till next year.

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