A Bad Yin Dentist

This wee lassie was in the Muirhead dentist pure shitening hersel coz she was getting three teeth pulled oot.

“Here, hen. Calm doon,” said the dentist. “It wulnae hurt.”

“Ye promise?”


But the dentist was a lying bastard. It was going tae hurt like fuck n he knew it.

“He’s lying,” said wan ae the wee lassie’s fillings. “Don’t let him dae it.”

The wee lassie thought aboot it fir three seconds then agreed wae her fillings. She smashed the dentist cunt wae a drill and proceded tae drill awe his teeth oot. Once free, the teeth ran away oot the windy, laughing. They wir aff tae burn his hoose doon.

The bad dentist learned his lesson never lied again. He retired fae the teeth game and lived oot the rest ae his days as a dug fluffer fir the Mount Ellen gypsies.

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