Dream Sculptures

This guy was pished oot his box sitting in his hoose on a boring Tuesday night. Tanned a crate a Jakey T and a few bucky while watching that Grand Designs show.

He fell intae a deep sleep where he made these pure mad dream sculptures. Massive buildings ae untold beauty.

But the best was wan ae a new Tavern; his beloved pub that sadly closed. The new Tavern was 100 feet high and made ae ginger bottles and those bricks folk huv in their driveways. Most beautiful hing he’d ever seen.

He woke up the next morning wae a finger in the air. “Am gonnae built the New Tavern!”

After a brief trip tae B&Q, he headed fir the ruins ae the auld Tavern n set aboot building the new wan. And build it he didnae!

Since it was private property the polis though he was stealing and had nae choice but tae pump him full a bullets.

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