The Tale of the Missing Boaby

Pete woke up wan morning efter a heavy night a drinking tae find his boaby missing. Thir wisnae even a scar or anything in its place.

He stumbled intae the bathroom but couldnae go fir a pish as thir wisnae even a wee hole there either.

“The fucks going on?”

“Try the fridge,” the toilet paper whispered tae him.

Low and behold, in the fridge was his boaby tucked in beside a packet ae Wee Willie Winky sausages. He pulled it oot and ran tae the hospital.

They awe laughed when they seen it and the doctor threw it in the bin.

Sadly, Pete’s bladder burst later that day and he died. Nabdy was laughing then but whir they?  Nabdy.

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