An Immortal piece ae Chuggy

There was this immortal wee piece ae chewin gum that had been stuck under a manky desk at the primary school since 1987.

It had tried its best tae get free tae no avail. Awe the other bits under the desk wir fae a packet ae 1993 tropical Hubba Bubba and needless tae say wir bunch ae fannies. It longed fir the company ae his auld pals fae his auld Juicy Fruit packet. Awe he lived fir.

And wan day it had a miraculous stroke ae luck! It jist drapped aff the desk.

“Oh ya dancer,” it said and hopped along the floor and oot intae the sunshine. Felt brand new. It danced awe the wae back tae the newsagents it came fae awe those years ago.

Sadly that wee shop had long since closed n awe his pals fae the packet wir gone.

It tried tae hing itself after that, whit wae nothin tae live fir, but being immortal that didnae work.

A wee shame, eh?


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