Trapped doon the Mines

There was this wee piece ae coal that lived doon the mines in Moodiesburn. The hing was left behind when the mine shut yonkies ago. Bored oot its nut.

“Here, ye fancy making a break fir it?” it said tae a fag butt trapped there since the 1950s.

“And how ir we going tae dae that? Ye hink ave no thought aboot that afore, ya pie? We’ve awe tried and thirs nae way oot.”

The wee piece ae coal winked and whispered, “Oh but there is. Follow me.”

So the two new pals jumped intae the auld lift and crawled up the rope.

“It’s filled in at the top, so ye better huv a belter ae an idea how tae get oot or al be forced tae chib ye.”

“Och, wheesht. A dae.”

They got tae the top and yes it was awe filled it.

“Now whit?” The fag butt said.

The wee piece ae coal booted the butt right aff the edge and it splattered at the bottom. Cannae blame the hing, it was bored oot its nut. It hopped doon the rope and looked aboot fir another victim. At the very least it kept hings interesting fir itsel.


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